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Philosophy - Course Outline

The 10 week Introductory course offers an entirely practical approach to the study and practice of the philosophical principles governing human society. It draws from the great teachings , and provides guidance for a deeper understanding of ourselves, the world in which we live and the purpose of human life, and a fresh way of dealing with the challenges that we face in everyday life. 

Topics include:


  • Week 1: What is Philosophy? A very practical exercise.

  • Week 2: Self-discovery. Self-knowledge. Who or what am I? What is my potential in living? How may I realise that potential? These questions are as old as mankind itself.

  • Week 3: Different levels of awareness. What is our usual state of awareness? Are there greater levels of awareness? If so, how may we gain access to them?

  • Week 4: Living in the present moment, the now. What is the potential of the present moment? We will consider the power of attention to connect with the present moment.

  • Week 5: What is justice and injustice? What does it mean to live justly? In particular we will look at what Plato has to say on this subject.

  • Week 6: How to understand and use energy well. Can we increase the energy available to us?

  • Week 7: We will consider two practical frameworks for reason. How can reason enrich our lives?

  • Week 8: What is beauty? What is its purpose? Where does it come from?

  • Week 9: How to see unity in diversity, the common thread of life?

  • Week 10: How does the desire for truth show itself? How may it be satisfied?

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